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TM Grupo Inmobiliario

Our Commitment

The TM Real Estate Group is committed as a company to its staff, society and the environment, with a mission to act responsibly in all actions and initiatives.

We understand Corporate Responsibility as a personal commitment of the entire organisation towards our main stakeholders: suppliers, customers, staff, shareholders and the whole of society in general. We envisaged this as an added value integral to our business strategy, to bring greater quality to all the solutions and services that we offer, greater customer satisfaction and a better balance in the sustainable development of the group's companies.

Accordingly, we work with the responsibility of supporting progress and growth, wherever we operate, through, among others, the social impacts generated by our business including direct and indirect job creation, ongoing relationships with suppliers and employees, developing infrastructures that improve people’s quality of life and contributing to the Welfare State through the taxes that we willingly pay.

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Lines of Action

We strengthen our commitment to society by supporting different initiatives, programmes and projects in the communities where we operate, both in Spain and Mexico. These are in line with our corporate responsibility strategies and the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Education is the fundamental pillar for the advancement of society. For that reason, we contribute to the development of opportunities for education, fostering education projects that support equal opportunities for development and learning.



A commitment to promoting sport as a means of conveying the values of effort, teamwork and overcoming adversity; in all its forms and variants, with support for different disciplines.


  • Supporting charity race events for pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, epilepsy and in support of the Red Cross.
  • Participating in a cystic fibrosis charity swimming event in Mallorca and the “Yo Soy Noticia” awards to recognise the journeys of elite athletes who receive little media coverage.

Access to housing

Having a decent home is an essential condition for everyone's social integration and advancement. It is a key response to the housing inequality suffered by some of the most vulnerable groups in society.


Social Action

We promote collaboration with different public and private entities and non-governmental organisations. We run different initiatives that seek to address urgent social issues such as the fight against poverty or social exclusion.


The Environment

We are aware of the need to preserve and protect the environment and are committed to preventing and reducing to a minimum the environmental impact derived from our activities. The commitments made in this regard and defined in the Code of Ethics include minimising the waste generated, promoting energy saving, contributing to the preservation of natural resources and promoting best practice among Group's staff.


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