TM Grupo Inmobiliario

TM Grupo Inmobiliario

Our Commitment

TM Real Estate Group is committed as a company to its staff, society and the environment, with a mission to act responsibly in all its businesses and initiatives. Our support for growth, wherever we operate, through the social impacts generated by our business includes direct and indirect job creation, our ongoing relationships with suppliers and employees, the development of infrastructures that improve people’s quality of life and a contribution to the Welfare State through the taxes that we willingly pay.

Our operations are guided by a responsibility to contribute to progress and we understand corporate social responsibility as a personal commitment by the entire organisation to our main stakeholders: suppliers, customers, staff, shareholders and the whole of society in general.

This added value, which is integral to our business strategy, not only brings greater quality to all the solutions and services that we offer but also increased customer satisfaction and a better balance to the sustainable development of the companies which form the TM Group.

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Lines of Action


We are fully aware that education is a fundamental pillar of societies development. For this reason, we wish to contribute to the development of opportunities for education and foster education projects that support equal opportunities for development and learning.


  • Construction of the new José Luis Serna Noh - Bec pre-school and primary school in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.


We are firmly committed to promoting sport as a means of conveying the values of effort, teamwork and overcoming adversity, which are in line with the values upheld by the TM Group.


  • Mar de Pulpí Triathlon.

Access to housing

Finding a dignified home is an essential condition for everyone's social integration and advancement. TM Group works to offer a response to the housing inequality suffered by some of the most vulnerable groups in society.


  • Construction of the José Luis Serna Village, Mukthikapuram. India.

Social Action

Social action is a significant part of our commitment to society and public well-being. We foster collaboration with various public entities, private entities and NGOs, and undertake various actions to help the vulnerable and combat the most pressing social issues, such as the fight against poverty and social exclusion.


  • Donation of toys to the Red Cross.

The Environment

We are fully aware of our responsibility to the environment. We prioritise respect for the environmental and take measures to prevent possible negative impacts stemming from our business, ensuring that such measures are included in the company’s policies on best practices in environmental management.


  • TM Recycles
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