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TM Grupo Inmobiliario

About Us

TM Real Estate Group is a company from Alicante that started out as a family business and has since grown to specialise in the construction and development of second homes. We have delivered more than 20,000 properties in total since we began operating, mainly around the Spanish Mediterranean coast and also in the Mexican Caribbean.

The company is committed to diversification and also works in other lines of business related to its main activity, including hotel management and operation, vacation rentals, real estate brokerage and agriculture.

Commitment, trustworthiness, innovation, leadership and a clear results-focused customer approach: these are the six pillars underpinning the success of a company with a vision to long remain the benchmark for excellence in the residential tourism sector.

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Our history begins in 1969 as a family business set up by José Luis Serna Almodóvar. This leads to 50 years of extraordinary business success as we innovate, grow and look to the future.

  1. José Luis Serna founded the company and began building first homes in Orihuela.
  2. First coastal second homes project: Torreblanca del Mediterráneo project, which gave its name to the company for two decades.
  3. Opening of the first national office in Madrid.
  4. TM becomes a pioneer in the sale of fully equipped homes.
  5. In-house international sales network.
  6. Acquisition of land to build Viñamar, the premier tourist development with 1,800 properties.
  7. Construction of the Bahía building in Torrevieja (Alicante), the group’s current corporate headquarters.
  8. TM is established as a residential tourism specialist developing major second homes projects: Riomar, Veramar, Novamar, Terramar and Zeniamar.
  9. Pioneers in the online sales of homes via the Internet.
  10. First international project in Mexico: "The Fives Beach Hotel & Residences".
  11. New corporate image: TM Real Estate Group is born.
  12. TM Agrícola commences activity.
  13. International expansion in Brazil: Mare Nostrum development, 160 properties in Lauro de Freitas, Salvador de Bahía.
  14. Special Real Estate Award given to José Luis Serna. 2012
    Beach Homes is born.
  15. Integration of renewable energies and water recycling systems in our projects.
  16. Domestic expansion on the Costa del Sol.
  17. TM Real Estate Group approves its code of ethics.
  18. Acquisition of the grounds of the former hotel Sidi San Juan.
  19. Opening of second resort in Mexico: ”The Fives Downtown Curio by Hilton”.
  20. TM makes its biggest-ever land acquisition deal, in Benidorm.
  21. Acquisition of land for the construction of the 3rd resort in Mexico “The Fives oceanfront Puerto Morelos”.
  22. The TM Real Estate Group opens an office in Marbella.
  23. Acquisition of “La Hoya" land for a development project with over 2,000 homes next to the La Laguna Rosa nature reserve in Torrevieja.
  24. TM celebrates its 50th birthday
  25. TM opens its 3rd hotel in Mexico: “The Fives Oceanfront Puerto Morelos”.

TM in figures

  • 20.000 homes delivered since 1969
  • 11.5 square metres of land
  • 2.500 homes planned
  • 20 ongoing projects in 2020
  • 51 years of history
  • 1.500 human team
  • 460 sales representatives
  • 95% customer satisfaction

Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission, vision and values represent our way of understanding what we believe in, how we commit ourselves and what we aspire to be as an organisation. They run through every strand of our corporate DNA and define how we act and how we do business.

To develop tourism and hotel real estate projects, providing a quality service and incorporating outstanding products and services that offer an excellent purchase experience to our customers while remaining committed to society by creating jobs and wealth in our environment.

To be a benchmark group in the real estate sector that works towards a better future by building residential properties in a sustainable manner and with a quality service for people (customers, the general public and shareholders) and the communities where we do business, by creating jobs and wealth. Our firm commitment to ethical principles, good corporate governance and transparency, quality, attention to borrowing limits, innovation, and customer guidance and service means that we stand as a benchmark in our sector.

Ethics and good governance

At TM we believe in a solid corporate governance model based on transparency and good practices, which is why we are committed to the development of a governance structure that delimits the roles of the different bodies and guarantees transparency in all the group's actions.

Code of Ethics

Updated in 2016, our Code of Ethics is based on our mission, vision and values, and is a benchmark for all those who form part of TM Real Estate Group. This code guarantees that we do business responsibly and enshrines our commitments to all our stakeholders.

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Ethics Mailbox

The ethics mailbox provides a channel for the confidential communication of activities or conduct that could imply a breach of the Code of Ethics, using a specific form. These notifications are received and treated diligently, rigorously and in absolute confidence by the Corporate Governance Committee, which manages each notification according to a protocol governed by best practices in order to offer a suitable response.

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Recognition and Awards

We strive to do better every day. This effort has led to the following awards.

  1. Tourism Award – Alicante Chamber of Commerce
  2. Best Developer – Western Europe (AIPP, London)
  3. Award: The Fives Azul Beach. Honourable mention, Biennale of Architecture, Quintana Roo College of Architects.
  4. Special Award for Best Real Estate Company Growth, to José Luis Serna Almodóvar (ASPRIMA, Madrid)
  5. Gold Award for Best Online Service, Silver Award for Best Developer in Europe and Bronze Award for Best Customer Service (OPP)
  6. Silver Award for Best Developer in Europe and Best Online Service (OPP)
  7. Best Developer working in the Russian Market
  8. Silver Award for Best Developer in Europe (OPP Awards)
  9. Award for Best Developer in the World (OPP Awards)
  10. Award for real estate business (APCE)
  11. ASEMVEGA Award for Entrepreneur of the Year
  12. Mar de Pulpí: Best Residential Project
  13. IPA Residential development and Mixed use development, Mar de Pulpí
  14. “The Fives Downtown Hotel & Residences Curio Collection by Hilton” 2017 Development Award Best New Construction of the Year
  15. IN4Bankia award for Best Professional Trajectory
  16. Economia 3 award for Best Business Trajectory.
  17. Generalitat Valenciana award of the Asociación de la Empresa Familiar de Alicante.
  18. Alfil Award For Corporative Professional Career
  19. Radio Orihuela Award to the Best Company.
  20. Travelers Choice Award from Tripadvisor to The Fives Beach as the Best All Inclusive Hotel and the Best Family Hotel in Mexico.
  21. Importance Award From Diario Informacion

Where to find us

TM Real Estate Group is engaged in several different lines of business. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in our property developments, our hotels in Mexico or would like to discuss our holiday rental or farming production services.

TM REAL ESTATE GROUP Avda. Libertad, 1
Apdo. Correos nº 62
03181 Torrevieja (Alicante)
View in Google Maps
Tel.: 965 71 20 11
Fax: 965 71 53 02
Monday to Friday: 09:00 to 20:00 (open all day)
Saturdays: 10:00 to 14:00

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Developments in Spain inc. Balearics

Camino Acceso Xcalacoco
El Limonar 1
CP 77710
Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo.
Teléfono: +52 1 (984) 877 2753

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The Fives Downtown Hotel & Residences

The Fives Oceanfront Puerto Morelos

The Fives Beach Hotel & Residences El Limonar 1, Xcalacoco 77710
Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo
Tel. +52 ( 984 ) 877 2750

The Fives Downtown Curio Collection by Hilton 10 Avenida Nte. & Calle 2 Nte
Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo 77710
+52 (984) 6889311

The Fives Oceanfront Puerto Morelos Av. Javier Rojo Gomez Nte. SM-02 MZ-25 LOTE-01
Col. Centro 77580 Col. Centro Puerto Morelos - Playa, 77580
Puerto Morelos, Q.R., México

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Mar Holidays Avda. de la Libertad, 1
03181 Torrevieja (Alicante)
Tel: +34 661 441 354
Mar Holidays Caribe 77710 Playa del Carmen
Acceso Xcalacoco, Predio El Limonar Fraccion 2
QROO, Mexico
Tel: +52 (984) 980-05-29

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Las Moreras Fruit & Veggies
Ctra. CV-935 km 8,4 de Almoradí a Los Montesinos
3187 Montesinos (Alicante), España
Las Moreras Fruit & Veggies

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TM Grupo Inmobiliario.