TM Grupo Inmobiliario

TM Grupo Inmobiliario

Our Team

Our success is the sum of the effort, energy and talent of our professionals. They are the main assets of our business and the key to achieving the company's objectives and success. We have a large team of highly qualified people combining youth and experience, helping us to successfully complete demanding projects and achieve customer satisfaction.

  • +1.500 Members of staff
  • 14.000 Training hours
  • +35 Courses delivered
  • +35 Nacionalities

Why TM

TM Real Estate Group is committed to creating economic, social and environmental value for its stakeholders and for the communities where it operates, through the management of a responsible business model as established in our Master Plan.

Plan Valor Empleado TM

At TM Real Estate Group we want your work to contribute more value to your life, which is why we have developed a value plan to give you a brighter future, greater flexibility and greater benefits.

Involvement in an exciting business project

We foster an environment in which you can develop your talents and become an expert in your chosen field, so that you feel part of something bigger and motivated to work towards a common goal.

Training and professional development

People are a strategic asset for us, which is why the development of talent is a key objective. Providing our employees with channels that allow them to enhance their professional growth is essential in offering an outstanding service to our customers. In 2021 and 2022, we invested in 14,000 hours of staff training.

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