TM Grupo Inmobiliario

TM Grupo Inmobiliario

Real estate development is the driving force behind our business.

We are specialists in the construction, development and marketing of large-scale residential real estate projects
the length of Spain's Mediterranean coast and internationally, in Brazil and Mexico.

We are also engaged in other activities that are related to our main business.

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TM Real Estate Group currently has two hotel resorts in Riviera Maya. Both are designed for those seeking to enjoy a privileged setting with 5-star services.

TM Real Estate Group operates in Mexico to offer buyers the opportunity to purchase a second home with comprehensive services in one of the premier tourist destinations worldwide, “worry free”.

TM Real Estate Group is a leader in the Spanish residential tourism sector. Our residential developments offer a comprehensive lifestyle concept based on strategic locations, meticulous design, excellent features and unique services.

The Diversification Division of TM Real Estate Group truly reflects the entrepreneurial vision adopted by the group and encompasses other lines of business that are a step away from real estate development, our main business.


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