TM Grupo Inmobiliario

TM Grupo Inmobiliario
TM and the Valencia CF Foundation donate computer equipment to support the work of five social organisations.

TM and the Valencia CF Foundation donate computer equipment to support the work of five social organisations.

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Lecture time: 2 minutes

TM is proud to collaborate with the Valencia CF Foundation in the donation of computer equipment to the NGOs DogPoint, Bombers pel Món, Dragon Boat Marina Valencia, Crecer en Positivo and Club de Atletismo Valencia.

During the event, we had the pleasure of hearing their stories of self-improvement and solidarity and meeting the people who make these wonderful projects a reality.

At TM Real Estate Group, we believe in shared social value and the transformative capacity of Social Action, which we promote every year, dedicating 1% of our profits in accordance with our Corporate Responsibility Master Plan.

Representatives from the five organisations received the laptops at the headquarters of the VCF Foundation, in the presence of Inma Ibáñez, Director of the VCF Foundation, and Lucas Serrano, our Director of Communication and Corporate Responsibility.

As our Director said: “For us, as a family business, it’s essential and part of our DNA to be able to give back to society a lot of what society has given to us. Through Valencia CF we have the opportunity to contribute our share by donating this computer equipment today.”

The organisations that will receive the equipment are:

  • DogPoint, an association that specialises in the training, pairing and monitoring of Service Dogs for Children with ASD.
  • Bombers pel Món, an NGO created by Firefighters from the City of Valencia that was created with the sole objective of helping others and alleviating suffering.
  • Dragon Boat Marina Valencia is the first BCS Dragon Boat team in the Valencian Community and the city of Valencia made up of survivors of breast cancer and other types of cancer. It’s the first ACS team (survivors of any type of cancer) in Spain.
  • Crecer en Positivo, an entity that was founded with a clear objective: to host sports and leisure activities that foster an environment of positive growth for people with ID, creating an affective social environment, full of joy, friendship and values.
  • Club de Atletismo Valencia celebrates its 100th anniversary, which belonged to the sports sections of Valencia CF for its first 70 years.

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TM Grupo Inmobiliario.