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TM, the Red Cross, and Hippocampus Association launch a national project to protect the Mediterranean Sea and its biodiversity

TM, the Red Cross, and Hippocampus Association launch a national project to protect the Mediterranean Sea and its biodiversity

23.10.2023 |  Blog TM  | Corporativo | Press release 

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The "Responsible Mediterranean" project will run over the next two years and cover the whole Mediterranean Basin. The various research, awareness-raising, and campaign activities included in the three organisations' plans are expected to mobilise around 2,500 people.


Madrid, 18th October 2023 TM Real Estate Group, a leading Alicante-based holding company in the residential, hotel, and holiday tourism industry specialising in building and developing second homes along the Mediterranean and Caribbean coast, has partnered with the Red Cross and Hippocampus Association to launch a new national project called “Responsible Mediterranean” which aims to protect the Mediterranean Sea and its biodiversity.

This project, which will span the whole Mediterranean Basin over the next two years, aims to mobilise over 2,500 people by launching various initiatives planned for the research, awareness-raising, and action phases.

Research, fact-finding, and outreach

The first stage of the project will monitor litter on beaches and in the sea following the Spanish Ministry for the Ecological Transition (MITECO) programme. This activity will stand alongside nearly a hundred dives conducted to survey marine life throughout the Mediterranean Basin. The findings of these activities will be made public at an event addressing the current situation and the most effective awareness-raising strategies and actions to eliminate litter, preserve the coast, and safeguard marine life.


Awareness-raising, prevention, and knowledge-building

To raise awareness of this situation and prevent it, close to 20 outreach workshops aimed at children, young people and society in general will be held. These workshops will tackle the problem of marine litter, the importance of the oceans and the need to conserve them, recycling, responsible consumption, and the circular economy.

Awareness-raising materials will be drawn up based on the conclusions drawn from the event and underwater activities will be held to raise awareness of Mediterranean fauna and flora.


Action and involvement

The final stage of the project will focus on organising waste collection, separation, and recycling activities at several beaches around the Mediterranean Basin, which will include the involvement of stakeholders such as TM, the Red Cross, and Hippocampus.

Furthermore, the project involves an important lead cleanup operation as part of the Plumbum project, a pioneering project to remove lead from the seabed.


A key environmental project

The project was officially agreed on 18th October at 12:30 p.m. at the Red Cross headquarters in Madrid. The event was attended by representatives from the three organisations.



Ángeles Serna, Chairwoman of TM Real Estate Group, confirmed that this agreement gives the green light to one of the most important environmental projects in the Corporate Responsibility Master Plan. “Preserving the sea and its biodiversity emerged as one of the most important material issues for our stakeholders and we are delighted to have the support of the Red Cross and Hippocampus in undertaking this ambitious project to protect the Mediterranean sea”, she explained.

María del Mar Pageo, CEO of the Red Cross, showed her gratitude for the support TM Real Estate Group has offered the organisation through several donations to campaigns on humanitarian emergencies and the partnership now starting with this Responsible Mediterranean project: “Partnering with socially responsible businesses, such as TM Real Estate Group, is vital in order for the Red Cross to be able to fulfil its mission and ensure that our actions have a greater impact, this project solidifies the work of the Red Cross on environmental issues, in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

José Luis Alcaide, CEO of Hippocampus, highlighted that: “Preserving the sea and its biodiversity is a challenge we must tackle as an association by spreading knowledge, educating and taking action. To achieve this, it is essential that we join forces like we are doing today with TM and the Red Cross to make a bigger impact and scope in all the initiatives we plan to launch and apply all our experience and dedication“.

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