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TM Residential Tourist Profile in Spain 2022

TM Residential Tourist Profile in Spain 2022

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Once again this year, TM Real Estate Group has issued its "Residential Tourist Profile in Spain" report, which provides interesting economic, sociological and purchasing behavioural data on residential tourists in Spain. 2022 highlights the large increase in the number of international clients, as well as the interest in investing in the Costa Blanca. Likewise, the gradual deseasonalisation of residential tourism, in which tourists want to enjoy their homes all year round and not only during the summer season, is becoming more and more pronounced. Finally, our study underlines how digitalisation is increasingly present in clients' purchasing behaviour and how trust is becoming a determining factor in the purchase decision time.



Favourite locations

Spain is establishing itself as a country of great interest for residential tourists, where the Costa Blanca continues to be the preferred area for their investments, accumulating 63% of sales, just behind the Costa de Almeria (21%), Majorca (6%), the Costa del Sol (6%) and Murcia (4%).

The Costa Blanca is home to two of our most outstanding residential developments, Sunset Cliffs and Flamenca Village; projects that have received national and European recognition at the International Property Awards.


Flamenca Village.


Countries of origin and sociological profile

At TM we always put the client at the centre of our decisions, thus strengthening our relationship and dialogue with them thanks to the international presence guaranteed by our offices in Germany, Poland, Sweden and Belgium.


TM office in Poland.


Investors from 37 different nationalities (+9% vs. 2021) choose us for their purchases, especially those from Poland, which account for 21.2% of the figures (+133% vs. 2021). The Top 5 also includes countries such as Spain, Belgium, Germany and Sweden, which account for 19.3%, 13%, 9.5% and 4.7% of sales, respectively.

As for the average profile of residential tourists investing in Spain, they are married (68.5%) and 51 years old, which shows that they are looking for an investment that will allow them to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle both during their holidays and later on in life for longer stays.


Time of use and type of housing

Gradual deseasonalisation of residential tourism is demonstrated by increasing time spent using the TM home throughout the year. So much so that 30.7% of our clients enjoy their home for more than 4 months of the year.

TM residential tourists prefer a 125 m2 property (69% of the total) and two bedrooms (61%), with Swedes being clients who demand the largest surface area in their homes. In addition, they are looking to enjoy nature and large landscaped areas, benefits that they will find in our residential projects.


Mar de Pulpi.


Average budget and financing

The average price of a TM property is €384,458 (+10% vs. 2021), a figure that increases especially for homes purchased by clients from Poland (+23%), Sweden (+21%) and Belgium (+11%).

In addition, 8 out of 10 residential tourists finance their home using their own resources (+14% vs. 2021).



Purchasing behaviour

The continuous improvement and digitalisation of our company’s sales processes, such as signing contracts online, has resulted in a change in the purchasing behaviour of residential tourists.

16% of sales are made through online channels, half of which come from our website (

On the other hand, 82% of our clients decide to purchase in a week or less, while 18% do so without visiting the property, demonstrating the high level of trust they place in us and in the quality of our residential projects (TM Real Estate Group – Choose your home, choose your life) and our customer service.



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