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Official press release TM Real Estate Group: IT incident in our systems

Official press release TM Real Estate Group: IT incident in our systems

07.12.2022 |  Blog TM  | Corporativo | News TM | TM News 

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On 30th November 2022, our company detected that an unauthorised third party accessed part of our computer systems in Spain and encrypted information stored on them. The business continuity policies and the various cyber-attack and cyber-intrusion contingency protocols worked. The intrusion was detected and access to these systems was cut off. Additionally, our Recovery and Continuity Plan was implemented and different processes were activated, such as uploading the existing backups, to continue providing our services as normal. Finally, the Group’s defensive systems were reinforced.

Immediately afterwards, the incident was reported to the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD), in compliance with the applicable legislation, and a company specialised in cyber-attacks was hired to establish the origin of the attack.

In compliance with recommendations for good practice in this type of situation and as a precautionary measure, it is advisable change your passwords, specifically those of your user account on our website for clients and/or professionals, be vigilant when receiving suspicious emails or calls so as not to disclose sensitive personal data to unauthorised persons and inform TM Real Estate Group in the event of any doubts.

We are currently unaware of any data leakage. For further information, please contact our data protection officer by emailing

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