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Another year alongside Pusol Museum

Another year alongside Pusol Museum

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Lecture time: 2 minutes

TM supports initiatives which contribute to the development of society and the preservation of its history. To this end, we are delighted to renew our collaboration with Pusol Museum until 2024.



Discover the Museo Escolar de Pusol

The history of this ‘School Museum’ dates back to the year 1979, when it was founded in Puçol, Elche, at a time of great uncertainty – both political and concerning identity. Traditional aspects of the past were being cast aside, in order to embrace progress and innovation.

The Museo Escolar Pusol was established in order to preserve this gradually vanishing culture, by promoting training and research in the field of local heritage and the traditions of Elche.



In order to facilitate management of the project, in 1992 this educational community became a not-for-profit association.

That same year, the Regional Ministry for Culture, Education and Science recognised it as a museum.


Some years later, in 2009, UNESCO recognised the museum as Elche’s third World Heritage Site.


The museum today

Nowadays, the museum houses objects from over 2000 donators, has received nearly 500 schoolchildren, and displays over 100,000 items from all ethnological fields (agriculture, trade, traditions, etc.).

Moreover, it houses a film collection and hosts sector and activity-specific exhibitions and workshops.


It recently achieved foundation status, giving it greater legal and financial security.



Via the collaboration with TM, the museum will be able to continue to develop its teaching project – pursuing goals such as encouraging local society to safeguard and revitalise Elche’s cultural heritage, and consolidating multidirectional connections between the school, museum, media and society.


In short, the Museo Escolar Pusol seeks to engage young people in traditional culture.


Carlos Quesada (Family Office’ director & Associate of Corporate Governance of TM) and Rafael Martínez (Fundation’s director) during the signing.



Left to right: Jaime Falcó and Rafael Martínez representing Museo Pusol, and Carlos Quesada representing TM.



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